Halal Certification

Halal Certification

Halal or Halal originates in the Quran and it means "Lawfully permitted" for consumption by Muslims. It applies largely to foods and beverages and also to certain other products.

Orthodox Muslims have always preferred halal foods and today, even others are going this route across the world. This is because Halal certified foods assure you that only certain specified processes have been used in the slaughtering of animals and birds and that only select animals have been chosen and that the name of God has been uttered during the process. Preparation also follows certain laid down rules that conform to laws of Halaal. There is a vast market in the Middle East and all across the world where Muslims and even non-Muslims insist on buying only halal products.

PSA Certification has tie up with Halal certification agency and will assist you to obtain Halal certification for your products.

Our halal certification assistance team delivers the following services:
  • Visit to your facility and advise you on implications of implementing Halal
  • Guidance on modifying existing processes to ensure compliance with Halal standards
  • Inspection and approvals
  • Product flow system, production hygiene, labelling, transportation, storage and other related activities assistance and guidance
  • Audits
  • Advice on use of preservatives, additives, coloring and flavoring that conform to Halal practices
If you wish to gain access to the global markets where Halal products are in demand,
get in touch with us and we will provide end to end services.

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