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Ferro Chrome Testing And Analysis

Ferrochrome (FeCr) is an alloy of chromium and iron containing between 50% and 70% chromium. Ferrochrome production is essentially a carbothermic reduction operation taking place at high temperatures, most commonly in a electric arc furnace. Cr Ore (an oxide of chromium and iron) is reduced by coal and coke to form the iron-chromium alloy.

Though among the above HCFC is most commonly used in the Industry, higher percentage of carbon in ferrochrome creates several problems, for many purposes e. g. in final adjustment of stainless steel analysis, in extra low carbon alloy steels, special steels etc.when it is necessary to have very low carbon content in the alloy

Ferrochrome is often classified by the amount of carbon and chrome it contains. The vast majority of FeCr produced is charge chrome from Southern Africa. With high carbon being the second largest segment followed by the smaller sectors of low carbon and intermediate carbon material.

Over 80% of the world's ferrochrome is utilised in the production of stainless steel. FeCr from Southern Africa, known as 'charge chrome' and produced from a Cr containing ore with a low chrome content, is most commonly used in stainless steel production. Alternatively, high carbon FeCr produced from high grade ore found in India, Turkey & Kazakhstan (among other places) is more commonly used in specialist applications such as engineering steels where a high Cr to Fe ratio and minimum levels of other elements such as sulfur, phosphorus and titanium are important.

According to the C content, Ferro Chrome can be classified in 3 types:
HCFC : C % varies from 6 – 8%.
MCFC : C% varies from 0.5 – 1.5%
LCFC : C% below 0.5%
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