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 Inspection Services
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Inspection Process

PSA is a leading ISO certification provider with:

• A group of highly trained specialists of more than 400 employees who gather details specific to the site location including manufacturing locations, shipping, properties and municipals.

• PSA uses advanced equipment to conduct inspections on products and deliveries. Some of the key equipment includes laptops, GPS enabled cameras, communication through broadband, and high tech remote communication and work management tools. The tools used provide assistance in carrying out accurate inspections.

• PSA has its own proprietary software that automates the process of quality assurance, data collection, and information management processes. The companies or businesses who need help on the site inspections will get benefitted from the advanced capabilities of our firm.

PSA inspection analysts and representatives strategically connect themselves across company product manufacturing sites and properties by using electronic devices. The inspection staff evaluates the fire protection capabilities, strategies of manufacturing management, local building enforcement code and validates the assessed datasets. Other tasks of inspection team include observing the working of product packing or production and reporting the conditions. Also during the process, the measured physical features of the system are recorded. The locality of inspection includes inventory, manufacturing setup, government facilities, commercial buildings, and residential properties. The PSA inspection staff can also do detailed engineering analyses on the occupancy hazards, building constructions and fire protection of the buildings. The onsite inspection services for ISO certification are the most popular type of inspection that is carried out by our company on a regular basis. During the process of inspection, the ISO evaluates the risk and provides specific information that can help the customers. PSA is qualified to offer all types of ISO certifications which you can refer in the system certification section of the website. If a company is looking for a contractor who can certify the products or services then PSA is the right firm to contact. .
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