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HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point or HACCP stands for a series of process control procedures and sensitive points in the food chain. The main aim of this process control procedure is to keep the quality of food consumable by the consumer. This standard is actually an international standard after being introduced in the seventies. The process of certification is similar to many other food-governing standards. HACCP follows a five step process in certifying a food as safe. These steps include Preparation, developing HACCP plan, Implementing the plan, International certification body system, Monitoring and maintenance of HACCP system.

   This process is divided into 5 steps:
Preparation of HACCP.
Development of HACCP plan.
Implementation of HACCP plan.
The system by the international certification body.
Maintenance and monitoring of the HACCP system.

   HACCP Principals:
The implementation of hazard analysis
Determine Critical Control Points (CCP). For each risk identified.
Establishing critical limits, maximal and / or minimum value, by which biological, chemical and physical hazards in order to control the pedagogical prevention.
Determination of procedures / processes for monitoring CCPs
Determination of corrective measures in case the monitoring shows that the CCP is not within the critical limits.
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